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22 July 2028 @ 11:32 pm

「semi-friend lock」
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04 January 2021 @ 08:57 pm
The list is somewhat incomplete, I'm still debating if I should create another post for each year and put in my own summary, download links, and screen cap. I'm an OCD freak, once it comes to these things, so if you guess, I'm in the progress of download every single drama at the moment to store in my 2TB external hard drive (I might need another one soon :P).

These are only the listed I've finished watching, or skimmed watching (lol, ya'noe, pressing forward fast?).

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18 February 2011 @ 11:35 am
I was just on soompi, reading a few thread, until I came across something and decided to rant/chat about it, I guess. Typically and topic or discussion being put forth as "Do you find/think girls/guys with/wearing this prettier/handsomer/hotter/etcc..?" 

Like honestly, it doesn't matter if you have a big eye, wearing brand name stuff makes you look hotter or whatever. Just if you're suitable for it, surely you can say majority, but really, what consider this word "majority"? Over half the world? But even if they have such and such, they can still be consider, hideous, ugly or whatever, just depends on how you put one and two together. Surely, a skinny girl can typically look better then a chubbier girl, but it still depends on how you put one and two together. Chubbier girl can still look decent or even prettier depending on how they put their work together, what's not. Just because of a "certain" feature that common around your area, or you noticed, makes a person look prettier, they can still make it look hideous regardless. It's depends on another person view, each person have different point of view. One can say, oh s/he's looking smoking hot, another can just simply say, YUCK. So, I suppose this discussion can end here, yes?

Therefore, in the future, refrain from asking certain things or features needed to be consider as prettier, but it can still look hideous regardless. And do me a favor, don't ask stupid question, it's just simply stupid.
02 February 2011 @ 02:54 pm
I couple of weeks ago, I came across a post, posted by The Korean, in AskAKorean at blogspot. The post was somewhat interesting, in regard of what Korean New Year is called (look here). But I'll post the post itself here:

Did You Ever Have This Conversation?
Just a wee bit of background. About a month ago, the Korean's friends visited from New York. The Korean's friends wanted to have dinner together with another one of their friends. (He is not Korean. Let's call him "V".) That other friend brought a friend, who was a Korean. (Let's call her "M".) The Korean drove and picked up everyone. As we were chatting in the car, an interesting thing happened. Here is the actual conversation, as verbatim as the Korean can remember.

V: Are you going home [=Korea] for the holidays?
M: No. I'll probably go back in February. My friends will actually be available because I'm trying to go at Chinese New Year.
V: I didn't know Koreans celebrated Chinese New Year. Do Korean people call it "Chinese New Year"?
M: No.
V: What do they call it then?
M: Um... Korean New Year (laugh).
V: Really?
M: Yeah.
[Silence for about five seconds.]
TK: Actually, it's called seol or gujeong in Korea.

Now, the conversation itself is trivial. But the point that the Korean wants to make is not. Imagine what would happen if the Korean was not there. V would think Koreans call Lunar New Year a "Korean New Year," because he heard it from a Korean from Korea.

Again, V thinking that is not such a terrible thing, because who really cares what Koreans call Lunar New Year? But the Korean's point is about the manner in which V acquired that knowledge. If V and M were touching on a more serious topic, V would be badly misled.

Did M not know Lunar New Year in Korea is called seol or gujeong? No way -- everyone in Korea knows that. Why did she give the wrong answer then? Who knows? Maybe she didn't feel like saying the word and then hear V mangle the pronunciation as he repeated the word. Maybe she didn't feel like explaining the historical background or etymology of gujeong (which is actually pretty involved and can be fascinating.)

Two points from this:

1. You cannot fully trust the information you glean from a casual conversation. People are often wrong, and often do not care they are wrong. Heck, even the Korean himself is looser with research and facts in a casual conversation. A lot of people also like to emphasize something like "I heard this from college-educated Korean ..." to validate what they heard about Korea. That does not matter either -- both V and M are attorneys with graduate degrees. Didn't matter one bit.

2. More often than not, a member of a culture is not all that knowledgeable in that culture. In fact, this is a form of culturalism also -- turning a person into a representative of the person's culture, and making judgments on that culture (and by extension other people of that culture) based on what that person says or does. This is definitely true with how non-Koreans interact with Korean Americans, but also true with respect to interacting with Koreans in Korea.

Give this some thought. Is anything you think you know based on a casual conversation like this? Then it is time to reexamine that knowledge, and get a second opinion. You know whom to ask.

I honestly thought before I learned Chinese, that Chinese's New Year is called Chinese New Year, but it's actually Chunjie (春节) which literally means Spring Festival. Beside, it's also known as Zhongguo Xinnian, literally means Chinese's New Year in this case, however, Chunjie is much more common in China. Where as, in my culture we called it Tết or Tết Nguyên Đán instead of Vietnamese New Year. But as an American, I doubt they ought to remember what's Chunjie (春节) or Tết is, in this case it's better to say XXX New Year. 

As for M, I suppose she did make the right choice in calling it Korean New Year. Assuming if M know that if Chinese calls Chinese New Year something else, then the appropriate answer for M to replied would definitely be seol or gujeong. Since, when mentioning a culture's New Year during Lunar New Year, they always go XXXX (country's name) New Year, instead of what it's called. If not, then they would mention how it is in their country. However, on the safe side, M should have said Korean New Year, and mention it seol gujeong. But after reading the conversation, I'm definitely assuming V is asking for the Korean way. Thus, M can be wrong, but depending on how V is M can use the choice wisely. 

Either way, no matter what it's called, it's one holiday to celebrate with friends and family. Have a great, safe, happy new year!
24 January 2011 @ 09:46 pm
-deleted since it's useless-
18 January 2011 @ 09:16 am
I can't help but laugh at this every time I see this. LOL, oh shawol you're so silly.

oh 4D leader ♥ ♥ ♥
10 January 2011 @ 01:30 am
Like my title said, kpop industries fails again, like seriously. What's up with all those failure names? Like seriously? Piggy dolls, Popsicle, GP Senior, now SS502? Say whut?!?!? Hell nahhhh, I bet they'll be getting some haterz. They're so lacking much in creativities. I barfff on GP Senior, and SS502, oh wait and Piggy Dolls. Man, there better ways putting names together instead of reusing it. Obvious: GP Basic = GP Senior, you know it's going to be age difference and it will be weird for the older one to call the Basics, seniors. And SS501 = SS502, even though it's change in number, but still!!! WTF. I'll look forward to them, and still hopefully like them. Hopefully, they'll be the next SS501 :3! Piggy Dolls, remind me of Pussy Cat for some reason, but I think it's just a dissing name, so much for creativity there. SM the Ballad is another stupid name, yeah we can see it from SM and it's formed ballad singers, but kinda obvious. Popsicle isn't bad since there is Lollipop in Taiwan as a group, so... /shrugs.

I still thinks kpop industries fails ever since those chaos Super Junior, DBSK, and 2PM lawsuits.

Besides that, join 01347 

Yah, Korea, like seriously? Of all the name you can come up with, must it be Piggy Dolls? It's not like it's helping promoting the group at all. Seriously, I thought probably for once something cracking in their mind. Not, just the name is stupid, but heck the music video isn't bring other girls self confident in any ways, just showing "overweight" girls munching on pizza and milk. I think it would have better if they done something else.

But overall, these girls definitely have some talent going on, glad someone ignored their weight issue and use them to promote. Hopefully, there some success in these girls. I'm looking forward to it! I really really love their song, despite the stupid music video.

I just hope their fanclub isn't going to be something like pig, or something stupid. Like seriously? Can't they do any better with the name? Beside that, give their music a try, they're worth investigating in.

05 January 2011 @ 09:26 pm
Things like this make life goes around.

This must be the most unbelievable sight ever. My two bias together that would never, NEVER ought to happen! Beside the fact that they're two different culture. and heck, who would knew, my bias is a fan of my TOP Japanese band bias? D:! NEWS is definitely my ultimate bias in all jpop 8D and so is SS501 of kpop, ironic eh? Apparently this was three years ago, hopefully they're still in touch and is still friends 8D, this is just amazing! :D

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25 December 2010 @ 10:09 pm
 santa gave me a dream for christmas that i will not be able to forget,

thanks, santa